The Art of Performing Wushu Experience

Perak, Malaysia

02 小時
2 - 20 人
1 天
RM 35.00

我會說 馬來語 , 華語

Wushu is referred as Chinese martial art which originated and developed in China. It has developed into numerous distinct forms and styles, with each system has incooperated with their own tactics, principles, techniques, and methods, as well as the application of the wide variety of traditional weaponry. Over the past 5000 years of development in China, despite the focus and goals on the aspects of combat vary among different styles, most importantly they have highlighted and incooperated the well-known philosophies and moral practices into these martial arts. In addition, the mandarin character "Wu" carries an essence which it means "to promote peace" and "to stop conflict".

Not to simply conclude that Wushu is solely practices of attack and defense, it has now becoming a path to cultivate a person's well being, not just merely the body; but the fitness of mind and spirit as well to achieve balance in life, which is beneficial to those whom practice it.

Here you will get to learn more about its history and origin, and to understand its functions. Come and experience Wushu in order to enjoy and master the basic steps of this martial art.

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10:00 AM

The Art of Performing Wushu


We will start the class with 1 hour introduction to get briefing on Wushu and its contents, followed by another 1 hour interactive workshop with our local expert. In this workshop, participant(s) could get to taste and learn on the proper technique in performing Wushu.

12:00 PM



This is to allow participant(s) to appreciate and master the basics of this martial art and get to enjoy its beauty incooperated with strong Chinese cultural elements.


Attendees are advised to wear flats/ sports shoes.


This is an indoor activity.

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Persatuan Kebudayaan Dan Sukan Fu Joh Seah Ipoh, Pasir Penjih, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

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Please meet at our school, see address and map below.