Sharewituchef Cooking Famous Malay Food

Selangor, Malaysia

2 小時
1 - 10 人
1 天
RM 195.00

我會說 英語, 馬來語

Unique Sharewituchef is an expert in cooking Nasi Lemak (a famous Malay dish).

If you are free and don't have any plans, then join us for our "Makan Besar" session, where we'll feast and chat throughout our time together! We'll cook up some Nasi Lemak, and I'll also share with you some of the recipes to my favourite dishes!

You may join this class just to connect with others, to learn a little bit of Malay culture, and share your thoughts about living in Malaysia. Essentially, we are all in this just to have a great time!

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Hello's and welcome's!

While preparing and cooking our Nasi Lemak, we'll get to know a little about each other!

Aside from the Nasi Lemak, I may also include other side dishes such as the Pengat Pisang, a Kelantanese Desert.

Ultimately, this cooking class is a bonding session where we'll chat and laugh over a hearty meal!


Class schedules are as below:

Thursday - 2PM - 4PM

Friday - 10.30AM - 12.30PM

Saturday - 10.30AM - 12.30PM

Cooking fee includes eating, and if there are any leftovers you could take it away!

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Impian Baiduri Apartment Block C, Jalan 51a/224, Seksyen 51a, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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C-12-11, Impian Baiduri Apartment Block C, Jalan 51a/224, Seksyen 51a, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.