About Us

Hello from LokaLocal!

Wherever you go, experience like a local. After all, what makes a trip truly unique is the people you meet. That’s why LokaLocal is uniting a community who loves to explore hidden gems, taste amazing food, discover authentic cultures and experience unforgettable moments. All with the help of locals. See the city through the eyes of locals who love their hometown. Taste delicious food in places out of the guidebook. Learn to cook, dance, hike, create and play with a new friend. Let’s have fun and authentic experiences that make your trip memorable. Let’s connect with the people the best way possible. Let’s go local.


Our Mission

Connecting travellers to local experiences
that empower the community
anywhere, anytime.

The most enriching way to discover any destination is by stepping into the lives of the locals. We believe it should be easy for anyone to experience local cultures and leave a positive impact on their adventure!

Our Story

In 2016, our CEO Khen got the idea for LokaLocal while
documenting the photographs of local artisans in his book,
“Traditional Trades in Penang”.

Realising that there was no platform for them to preserve these traditions, LokaLocal was soon established. This marketplace became a way to connect people to local experts offering unique tours, workshops and activities in Malaysia. As our team went on the ground to bring in our local experts, we are constantly inspired by their stories and passion. We also found that there are many hidden beauty in the country that have yet to be discovered, and we want people from around the world to experience the real Malaysia. In 2017, LokaLocal won the Best Social Impact Award at the Mekong Tourism Forum, as well as received Top 25 at the K-Startup Challenge in South Korea. We have exciting activities in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Japan, Korea and Myanmar. So we welcome you to to see, eat and play like a local in many destinations! Looking back on our journey, we are incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to help our local experts. That’s what we truly care about, and we hope to leave a lasting impact on the local community wherever we go.

Empowering over 600 locals across 9 countries

Our Beliefs

Connection to Community

We want travellers to connect with the local community. This is what makes your trip meaningful and one-of-a-kind.


Our team and local experts at LokaLocalaim to provide quality activities that make it safe and enjoyable for all!

Social Impact

At LokaLocal, it’s all about the impact! Our experiences create job opportunities, embrace diversity, improve outreach and sustain legacies.

Fun & Interactive

At LokaLocal, we believe travelling should be fun, flavourful, andfilled with genuine human interaction


We want our local experts to share their story and passion with explorers. Passion is what keeps us going too!

Celebration of Diversity

We support locals eager to share their unique hometowns, skills, cultures and stories. Let’s come together for the love of travel.

LokaLocal is run by Loka Travel Sdn Bhd, jointly in operation with NB Travel Sdn Bhd.