2D1N Venturing Kuang Xi Waterfalls + Ethnic Villages

Luang Prabang, Laos

2 天
1 - 8 人
3 天
RM 1,389.60

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Calling all adventurers for a fun time trekking in the woods, relaxing at the Kuangsi waterfalls. Urging all curious discoverer to join in and explore the cultures of ethnic minorities in Laos.

This tour offers an opportunity to peek into the rural lives of Laos ethnic minorities, namely the Hmong and Khmu. Spending a night in their village, you can get valuable insights of how these two culturally different groups interact and live harmoniously together in the same village. In these two days, embrace yourself in the beauty of the Lao nature; spend a day trekking across rice paddy field and pineapple plantations, while spending the other day at the nationwide famous Kuangsi waterfalls. Have a fun time meeting and greeting the protected bears at the Bears Conservation Center, most of which are rescued from illegal farms.

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Luang Prabang > Ban Nong Touk> Ban Long Lao

Starts at 8.30am
Ends at 5.00pm

- Drive through the countryside of Ban Nong Touk : learn the Khmu culture and the rural life in the lowland of Laos
- Start trekking : trail passes through rice paddy field and pineapple plantations
- Enter a heavily dense jungle and get in touch with various species of trees and plants
- Hike up the mountain for a spectacular panoramic view of the landscapes
- Enjoy a Lao-style lunch while absorbing the picturesque scenery at the peak of the mountain
- Hike up the second peak of the mountain range for yet another beautiful view
- Trek downwards to Ban Long Lao village : home to both Hmong and Khmu ethnic groups
- Spend a night in the village : witness how two culturally different ethnic groups interact and live together harmoniously

Approximately: 1 hours driving, 6.5 hours trekking


Ban Long Lao > Kuang Xi Waterfall > Luang Prabang

Starts 8.30am
Ends 5.00pm

- Hearty breakfast at Ban Long Lao village
- Trek along the trail through a tropical forest
- Explore the cave known as a bomb shelter during the Second Indochina War
- Continue trekking until we arrive at the beautiful water springs that feed the Kuangsi waterfalls
- Descend the waterfall and enjoy a Lao-style lunch accompanied by the gushing sounds of the waterfall
- Take your time swimming and relaxing in the magical-looking turquoise pool at the foot of Kuangsi waterfalls
- Meet and greet the protected bears at the Bears Conservation Center, home for the bears rescued from illegal farms
- Visit Ban Thapene, a Khmu village nestled around the beautiful ponds of Tad Kuang Xi
- Return to Luang Prabang

Approximately: 1 hour driving & 4 hours trekking


Bring clothes/shoes to get wet, towel for bathing, swimming clothes, warm clothes for the night


Bring hat, sun cream and mosquito repellent

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Green Discovery Laos, Vang Vieng, Laos

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